Why study Physics?

People may say “I just don’t understand physics”, and I want to change that thought to “I don’t understand physics yet”. To do this, I want to expose everyone to know more about physics. What is physics, why is it important, how does it relate to us, how to understand it and apply it. There are many explanation about physics, but in short, physics is the science of how things move and what makes them work at the most fundamental level. "The role of physics in our modern world is more important than in any other time in history".

Reason #1

Studying physics can help you to become a competent worker. The training involved in physics develops you to be good at solving problems. Prior knowledge to build upon and reasoning/critical thinking skills allow you to take in massive amounts of information and digest it logically.

Reason #2

You need physics because it is the language of Chemistry. Because of physics, it helps you to understand about valence electrons so you can understand how bonding works and you need to know about bonding to understand DNA and knowing DNA for understanding the process of making amino acids and knowing amino acids to understand what are enzymes.

Reason #3

Discusses issues related to the physics concepts/topics needed by health professionals, suggesting that medical students can better understand how the body works and machines that are used in medical fields by completing meaningful physics. For example, X-rays, PET, CT, MRI, IMRT and gamma-knife, radiation therapy, arthroscopy, ultrasound, and laser surgery, one must understand the physics behind them before to be able to use these machines.

You need to know the nature of x-ray, MRI, cat scans, half life of radioactive substances, Diagnostics of bone damage from collisions, making ions for radiotherapy, Ultrasound, Nuclear medicine -gamma rays for imaging Ultrasound in medicine, Ultrasound imaging, generation and detection of ultrasound, ultrasound propagation, choice of frequency, A-scan, B-scan, M-mode imaging and echo cardiograph. Use of Doppler techniques for blood flow and the use of ultrasound in therapy…etc

Neuroelectrics and neuromagnetics Basic electrophysiology, genesis of electric and magnetic signals Techniques for measurement and imaging of EEG, ECG, MEG and MCG All need physics.

Reason #4

Bernoulli’s principle deals with flow. When you have a decrease diameter of an artery, the kinetic energy of the flow is increased; therefore the velocity of blood would increase. Thus, this would decrease pressure on the wall of the artery.

This information can help a person who has low blood flow in his system. We are hopeful that information like this can help students better understand what he/she is studying, and why is it important to study it and not just because it is required.

Reason #5

Without physics and things like Tv, computers, PS3, Xbox360, cellphone, car, home appliances will not have been invented, We may never know about forces and atoms.

In physics 2 you will learn about electromagnetism. This is what gives us understanding to allow us use electricity..

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