New Workshop Agreements section:

Starting Fall'09 semester, all members who are interested to join the workshops, everyone must understand the rules and agree to follow them.

Weekly Physics Workshops Details:


We will only go over the homework problems that are listed from the main page.

If there is any cancellation of workshop, notice will be given on this website, so please check this website before going to the workshop or contact me before coming to the workshop. "The workshop is free but done by volunteers, so time and seats are limited"

As of Fall 2012 semester, we will be meeting every Friday from 1PM to 5PM. If there will be changes and then notice will be given on this website or else be on time to the workshop!


[My Name is Jan]

Follow these rules

(1) You have to understand, this is not tutoring. We are running a workshop, so whatever is on the menu is what we will go over for that day and nothing else! Don't bring your own materials from class or other personal questions, it will not be answered. Details of what we are doing for the week will be updated every Friday night for the weekend workshop.

(2) We will only go over the questions from the homework download page. Extra material might be given from time to time.

(3) Please understand, and it might be in your best interest to be on time to our sessions, we will not stop or go back to the material that we had already covered. It will be your lost if you missed it. 

(4) Come prepared, try all the questions that are listed on the main page, even if you can't solve all of them.

(5) Bring your best behaviors with you when you are attending the workshop. Unfriendly or poor manner students will not allow to attend anymore of our workshop.

(6) The club is run by non- profit volunteers, meaning no one is getting paid or receiving any rewards. The time we offer working with you during the workshop is using our own time, and even the marker and materials we use, we brought it with our own money so we hope this will inspire you to work even harder.

(7) You have to display your real full name when you sign up as members, you also need to write who's class you are in and which semester in your profile or else your applying membership will not be consider.

(8) Please help us to help you, we are giving you an opportunity so why don't you give yourself a chance? 

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