Attention everyone :(・ω・) New Update 1/28/2014 2:51PM

From all of the staffs, we welcome Spring 2014 members ...^^ 


Hi !

this weekend Feb 1st and 2nd will be our first week of workshop. We will be talking about (Units,1D and 2D motions). Details of the session had been updated, please take a look. 

(1) {Reviewing}  Math

(2) {Enhancement} Problem solving regarding to complex situations involving systems with multiple concepts included.

(3) {Achieve}  Understanding Units, 1D and 2D motions. 

(4) {Anticipate} Intro to classic physics

Please read the {Weekly Workshop Page} for the rules for our workshop and agree to it before coming to our sessions! Thank you.

Here are the list of dates and rooms: 
We will meet in Room 211 in the library study room from 11 A.M to 3 P.M


We will only go over the homework problems that are listed from the homework download page and additional materials that we gathered."The workshop is free but done by volunteers, so time and seats are limited". 







Pages of this website

News and schedules- Upcoming events for physics club (Scroll down on this page to read)

Weekly Workshop Page- Details of every week's workshop will be updated weekly.

Homework download page-  Homework problems that we go over for the workshop.

Solution page- Solutions for the given homework can be accessed from above menu selection.

Video Page- The videos are to enhance your visual understanding of physics.

Workshop study material page- Extra materials done during the workshop and for additional study.



Total Members Up-to-date 1/30/14  "381"

Homework Problems: Please check the link "Homework download page" to download them.
  • Physics 1: 
  • Chapter   2-       7,14,23,32,39,46,50
  • Chapter   3-       11,18,23,28,33,39,58
  • Chapter   4-       6,12,17,19,24,28,36,41,53,54,59
  • Chapter   5-       4,5,7,10,12,15,20,24,29,35,36,42,47,51,52,59,68
  • Chapter   6-       13,23,24,27,29,31,32,41,42,49,56,62
  • Chapter   7-       4,10,15,16,20,25,27,31,32,44,45,55
  • Chapter   8-       3,6,7,22,36,39,40,68.70
  • Physics 2:
  • Chapter   22-       9,10,13,17,19,23,27,31,32,36,41,43,44,51,56
News and Schedules

Physics Seminars 

Provided by Dr.Boutis

Each seminar will be 1 hour long food and beverage will be

provided. See you there!


Provided by Dr.Boutis


Each seminar will be 1 hour long food and beverage will be

provided. See you there!

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